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October 19, 2012  |  Uncategorized

On the latest segment of Rothman Tech-Tips (#RTT), I interviewed Michael “MJ” Murphy, a Technical Instructor at Skillsoft.  This vlog was done over the internet using Adobe Connect, which is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars.

MJ and I talked about Windows 8, which is the new Microsoft operating system (OS) for PCs.  MJ is a former Microsoft employee, and tells us that 2015 will mark the 30th year that he has been making a living off of Microsoft and Microsoft products.  When talking about his Microsoft experience, he has a great line, “I don’t drink the Microsoft kool aid, I mix the kool aid”.  When talking about Windows 8, MJ talks about the world we are moving into — the world of portable devices, tablets, and touch-screen — and how Windows 8 fits into that world, since it was built for that world.  But as MJ reiterates, if you are looking for a desktop solution and are thinking about upgrading to Windows 8, “you are in for a world of hurt”.  He thinks that there is a learning curve with Windows 8, and references a great YouTube video called Windows 8 – Even a 12-year old can’t do it.  He talks about the new interface, with no start menu, and how the new user has to personalize his or her settings.  MJ feels the learning curve is too high, and says “thank God they are going to be selling Windows 7 for a while”.

For the #idontcook portion of this vlog, I talked to MJ about his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I referenced one of my favorite shows The Office, that takes place in Scranton, PA.  MJ confirms that Poor Richards is a real bar, and is connected to a local bowling alley.  When I talked to MJ about his favorite restaurant in Scranton, he mention a regional Italian restaurant in nearby Dunmore, PA, called Anna Maria’s.  He recommends the prosciutto wrapped asparagus, describing it with a great quote, “it’s like butter, it melts in your mouth”.

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