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On the latest segment of Rothman Tech-Tips (#RTT), I interviewed John Bull ofEastBanc Technologies.  John and I discussed Liferay, which is an open source portal, content management and application integration platform. It was a great conversation, which focused on portal, content management, and open source technologies.

John talked about portals and why enterprises of every size implement this great technology.  Portals or web portals are web applications (internal or external) which consolidate and/or integrate data, content and applications and present in a uniform way.  “A single uniform experience” is how John described it. Portals enable organizations both large and small to become more efficient through improved collaboration, workflow and search.

Another great feature of Liferay is content management, which is a set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in virtually any form or medium.  John made this great point about content management, “Think of all the documents any organization has, you have word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, HTML files, images, videos, and the challenges that organizations face today that those are different formats, and often in different places. So how do you bring manageability to those?”  I’m thinking, and I know John is thinking that Liferay can be your answer to content chaos.

The last thing John and I discussed was open source software, which in brief is computer software where the source code can be freely used, modified, and shared. “Open source is simply a different way for organizations to own software, said John” in contrast to an upfront licensing and support model, open source software users frequently only pay for support. The lack of an expensive licensing model, and the huge community of developers makes open source software an interesting alternative for organizations both large and small.

For the #idontcook portion of this vlog, I asked John for his favorite lunch spot walking distance to EastBanc office in Georgetown.  After giving it some deep thought, John tried to give me 2 of his favorite places, I guess Georgetown has so many great places John couldn’t pick just one.  But since I insisted that pick one, he named Thunderburger, a rock and roll themed burger bar on the historic M Street in Georgetown.  “Awesome business lunch at Thunderburger, it’s the bomb!”  Everyone who reads this blog knows I love burgers, and I co-sign John’s statement, the burgers at Thunderburger are the bomb!


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