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May 1, 2014  |  Uncategorized

On the latest segment of Rothman Tech-Tips (#RTT), I interviewed Mark Peters of MPI-Technology, a HUBZone IT services company in Washington, D.C. I met Mark at a FedScoop / FedTini happy hour, where Federal IT personnel often network.

Mark educated me on Cyber Security, and he simply defines it as, ‘securing your own information technology’. He then broke it down into three pieces: Accessibility, Confidentiality, and Integrity. “Your information technology has to be accessible to you, a cyber hacker could deny you service or damage your information technology. Confidentiality being the second piece — that you want your information private and it could be damaging to you if certain information is stolen. Then lastly is Integrity, which means that they can’t change this information. A great example of that would be when someone hijacks a website, and changes the data on the website.”  When I asked Marc what he was doing about these attacks, he mentioned something called the Kill Chain Process of Analysis, which is a seven-step process that would uncover the basic strategy a hacker uses to penetrate your defenses. Marc went on to talk about attacks in both the Federal and Corporate sectors, and even told us about how he got caught in the Target Credit Card Breach. For more information on Cyber Security, please feel free to reach out to Marc directly at:

For the #idontcook segment of this vlog Mark recommended Founding Farmers on Pennsylvania Ave. NW in downtown D.C.  Founding Farmers is an upscale farmhouse with old wood, comfortable seating and extravagant community farm tables where folks gather to enjoy great meals. “It’s got a great, diverse, unusual menu with healthy choices, but even the healthy choices taste fantastic.” Marc recommends the chili, so go downtown, or to its Maryland location, for some amazing chili and corn bread!

As you may have noticed, I am wearing a throwback Bullets jersey in honor of my hometown Washington Wizards for making it to the second round of the NBA playoffs. I have been a Bullets fan since I was a little kid, and remember going to games at the old Capital Center in Landover, Maryland. The Wizards/Bullets have not been relevant for a long time, and seemed to be a cursed organization with countless losing seasons, not to mention terrible draft picks.  My favorite sports writer Bill Simmons summed it up best in his recent 33 Burning Questions From Round 1 article:

Q: Can the Wizards really make the Eastern Conference finals when they’re the Washington Wizards?

Now THIS is an obstacle. Since they lost Game 5 of the 1979 Finals to Seattle (R.I.P.), here’s your Washington basketball history in fewer than 90 words without mentioning that (a) they missed the playoffs 22 times in 35 years, and (b) they won only two playoff series total: Kwame over Pau; C-Webb for Mitch; Sheed for Strickland; Rip for Stackhouse; Gilbert vs. Jarvaris; $100 million for Juwan; the Rubio/Curry pick for Miller and Foye; Kenny Green one pick over Karl Malone; Wes Unseld, then Ernie Grunfeld; MJ ruining LaBradford Smith; past-their-primes Bernard, Moses and MJ; Andray Blatche’s extension/amnesty; top-12 picks on Hot Plate Williams, Muggsy Bogues, Tom Hammonds and Jared Jeffries; top-six picks on Vesely, Porter, Cal Cheaney and Mel Turpin; Gheorghe Muresan AND Manute Bol; and again, Kenny Green ONE PICK BEFORE KARL MALONE.

My favorite Wizards fact: Since Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes left the franchise in 1981, they haven’t employed a single player whose jersey could be retired. Not one! That’s impossible!

As sad as it is for me to read all of that, it makes me happy that the Wizards have the possibility of advancing deep in this year’s NBA playoffs.  It’s crazy to think about it, but hey that’s the reason I am a Bullet’s fan — #bulletsfever

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