On all Rothman Tech-Tips, Matt asks his guests to name their favorite restaurant and favorite food item on the menu.  At the end of the technology interview, you will hear, “before I let you go”, which is when the #idontcook food theme takes the baton from Rothman Tech-Tips and technology.  Matt loves giving people great restaurant suggestions, and gets a lot of satisfaction when a person contacts him after going to a place he recommends.

A few years back, while working for a consulting company, Matt was having a client meeting that drifted towards “where do you live in the DC-metro area”?  His client mentioned Silver Spring, MD, so he was quick to suggest his favorite Italian restaurant, Olazzo, which his client had never been to.  Two weeks later, what do you know, Matt receives an email from his client stating how much she loved the restaurant, and how upset she was for never having known the hidden gem in her very own neighborhood.

Here is a compilation of all the restaurant recommendations on Rothman Tech-Tips:

  • DCity Smokehouse – Washington, DC (Shaw) – DCity Smokehouse was mentioned in the Scrum vlog with Naeem Ashraf.  Naeem has his own food Instagram (IG) account @the_gut, and he recommended DC City Smokehouse and their smoked chicken wings.  “Great BBQ joint, and I can’t live without their chicken wings!”
  • Pok Pok  – Portland, Oregon – Pok Pok was mentioned in the Windows 10 vlog with Jason Yates.  “If you like Thai food, not just American Thai food, but street Thai food, Pok Pok is a great place to go.”  Jason mentioned that his favorite dish is the Boar Collar, and they are also known for their Vietnamese-style Chicken Wings.
  • Vermilion – Alexandria, VA (Old Town) – Vermilion was mentioned in the MPLS vlog with Bana Qashu.  When I asked Bana to give me her favorite menu item at Vermilion, she hemmed and hawed, and finally said she liked the steak.  Since steak is one of my favorite meals, I will be visiting Vermilion in Old Town sometime soon!
  • The Counter – Reston, VA (Reston Town Center) – The Counter was mentioned in the Microsoft Lync vlog with Stephen Dvoranchik.  “It’s a burger joint, and if there is such a thing as a healthier burger The Counter actually has it.”  Stephen’s favorite is the Organic Bison Burger on a pretzel roll with jalapenos.
  • Founding Farmers – Washington, DC – Founding Farmers was mentioned in the Cyber Security vlog with Marc Peters.  “It’s got a great, diverse, unusual menu with healthy choices, but even the healthy choices taste fantastic.” Marc recommends the chili, so go downtown, or to its Maryland location, for some amazing chili and corn bread!
  • La Fonda Latina – Atlanta, GA – La Fonda Latina was mentioned in the SevaCloud vlog with Sunny Chowdhury.  “Very, very, good restaurant, they have Cuban food, the Paella del Mar is absolutely incredible, and they have several locations.”  Sunny also mentioned a breakfast place in Atlanta called Flying Biscuit Cafe, so you get 2 Atlanta #idontcook recommendations for the price of 1 on the SevaCloud vlog post!
  • Woodberry Kitchen – Baltimore, MD – Woodberry Kitchen was mentioned in the Dynamics GP vlog with Erika Pecora.  Woodberry Kitchen relies on relationships with Chesapeake area growers to provide ingredients that nourish and delight their guests. Erika recommends the Oven Roasted Chicken & Biscuit that is served with fresh vegetables.  “Woodberry Kitchen is a farm-to-table concept, so everything is fresh.”
  • Ray’s the Classics – Downtown Silver Spring, MD – Ray’s the Classics was mentioned in the Bandwidth vlog with Tom Collins.  Ray’s the Classics is a steak house which is owned and operated by the same people of Arlington, VA’s Ray’s the Steaks.   Tom recommended the Filet and brocolli and the baked potato.  “You can order one Filet, and 2 sides, and that can serve two people!”
  • Thunder Burger & Bar – Washington, DC (Georgetown) – Thunder Burger was mentioned in the Liferay vlog with John Bull.  Thunder Burger is a rock and roll themed burger bar on the historic M Street in Georgetown, John said he had an “awesome business lunch there, it was the bomb!”.
  • Cantina Marina – Washington, DC (SW Waterfront) – Cantina Marina was mentioned in the JQuery vlog with Jack Swayze.  When I asked him where to go in the SW Waterfront his response was “That’s simple Cantina Marina, it’s the only place to go in the SW Waterfront.”
  • Formosa – Clarks Summit, PA – Formosa was mentioned in the Windows 8.1 Code Named Blue vlog with Michael “MJ” Murphy.  “The place is in incredible, the food is incredible!
  • Victoria Gastro Pub – Columbia, MD – Victoria Gastro Pub was mentioned in the xRM vlog with Will Slade.  “In Columbia, there is this place called Victorias on route 100, they got these Duck Fat Fries that I like, and very good beverage selection as well.”
  • Tin Fin – San Diego, CA (Gaslamp District) – Tin Fin was mentioned in the SharePoint 2013 vlog with Joe Crabtree.  “Tin Fish has the best Fish Tacos, they are real fresh!  You can get Swordfish, Halibut, Tuna, all that good stuff!!”
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl – Washington, DC (U Street) – Ben’s Chili Bowl was mentioned in the SharePoint 2013 vlog with Joe Crabtree.  “I fiend for some Ben’s Chili Bowl!”
  • Southern Hospitality (SoHoDC) – Washington, DC (Adams Morgan) – SoHoDC was mention in the Eye Tracking vlog with Jon West.  “SoHoDC has great food, great ambiance, wonderful people.  Warm country style food, the steak and asparagus salad is my favorite, it’s absolutely delicious.”
  • Talullah – Arlington, VA (Clarendon) – Talullah was mentioned in the Big Data vlog with Jason March.  “Last time I went there I got the Lamb Burger, it was unbelievable!  I’m a big fan of lamb, I’m a big fan of burgers, it was a good night out.”
  • Alero – Washington, DC (Cleveland Park) – Alero was mentioned in the Google Chromebook vlog with Bill Adler“The meals are absolutely filling, and the margaritas are delicious!”
  • TJ Stone’s – Alexandria, VA – TJ Stone’s was mentioned in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vlog with Hannah Watkins,  “Got to go to TJ Stone’s, it’s down the road from our office, and we go there a good bit.  They have delicious food, and a great atmosphere, you have to go with their pulled pork.”
  • Anna Maria’s – Dunmore, PA – Anna Maria’s was mentioned in the Windows 8 vlog with Michael “MJ” Murphy“If you like regional Italian, there is a place right outside Scranton, in Dunmore called Anna Marisa’s.  I have been going there for years, I have never had a bad experience there!  The food is wonderful, the people are wonderful, they make a prosciutto wrapped asparagus that’s like butter, it melts in your mouth!”.
  • Sorriso – Washington, DC (Cleveland Park) – Sorriso was mentioned in the Cleveland Park Listserv vlog with Bill Adler“Wonderfull home cooked meals, and you feel like you are in someone’s home in Italy.  I love the veal ravioli, I die for the veal ravioli!”.
  • Graffiato – Washington, DC (Chinatown) Graffiato was mentioned in the Ethernet vlog with Josh Barr, “Graffiato’s has been by far one of my favorite places that I have dined at in the last few months.  One of my favorite things on the menu is the brussel sprouts, and then secondly the pizza there is absolutely amazing.    For people that like to have a drink or two, their bar selection and custom drinks have some amazing concoctions that you wouldn’t think off putting those 2 or 3 things together, but all are very good.”.
  • Clydes (Tower Oaks Lodge) Rockville, MD – Clydes Tower Oaks Lodge was mentioned on the Original Tuesdays vlog with Ron Dobransky, “Other then my country club, I got to go with Clydes, everyone has to check it out, they have a great menu.  If you could see my bar tab, you would know what I am talking about.”.
  • Agave Lewes, Delaware – Agave was mentioned in the Software as a Service (SaaS) vlog with Doug Church,Agave, they have great margaritas, the food is really good, they have these jalapeno things stuffed with chicker.”.
  • Urban BBQ  Rockville & Silver Spring, MD – Urban BBQ was never mention in a #RTT a vlog, but it happens to be my favorite BBQ place in the DMV.  In the Printelligence vlog with David Dean, he mentioned 3 Pigs BBQ in McLean, VA, unfourtunetly for David 3 Pigs has closed so I went with Urban BBQ for #idontcook.
  • Bottom of the Bay Seafood – Laurel, MD – Bottom of the Bay Seafood was mentioned in the Health IT vlog with Chuck Kramer“Bottom of the Bay, some of the best seafood you can get your hands on.  Laurel has excellant sea food even though there is hardly a drop of water around”.
  • Hy Steakhouse – Toronto, Canada (other Canadian locations)  – Hy Steakhouse was mentioned in the Google Search Appliance vlog with Andrew Millo“The one restaurant that stands out above the others is a small place up in Toronto, Canada called Hy Steakhouse.  Their Filet Mignon is absolutly fantastic!”.
  • Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – All over Chicago, and surrounding suburbs – While in Chicago for Google sales training, my friend Scott who is a Chicago native, took me to Lou Malnati’s pizzeria.  “I know Ian (our other Chicago native friend who now lives in DC) says Pequod’s is the best, by I am telling you Lou Malnati’s is the best authentic deep dish in Chicago!”
  • Olazzo – Bethesda & Silver Spring, MD – Olazzo was first mentioned in the ERP Solutions vlog with Shawn Russell, “Olazzo is my #1 favorite restaurant in Bethesda, we go there every other week when my dad comes to town”.
  • Black’s Bar and Kitchen – Bethesda, MD – Black’s was mentioned in the Web 2.0 vlog with Joe Crabtree, “Blacks, best burger in Bethesda!”
  • Tony Lukes – Philadelphia, PA – Tony Lukes was mentioned in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV vlog with Don Atkins, “You can obviously go to Pat’s or Gino’s, those are the two famous spots, there is another place called Tony Lukes that is top notch.  You have to get the wiz with fried onions”.