About Tech-Tips

Rothman Tech-Tips (RTT) was created to educate the world on technology, but in a way that a non-techie person may understand some of the latest trends and solutions in the world of technology.  Technology is everywhere, but how does the normal, everyday person understand everything?  RTT educates the everyday person on enterprise-level and emerging technologies, in a simple, user-friendly way that makes sense.  “Connecting the dots,” is the way a former client used to describe it.

About the author

Matt Rothman is the creator and author of Rothman Tech-Tips.  Matt has spent the majority of his professional career in technology sales, and has a deep passion for technology.  Since he loves to talk, and loves being on camera, the vlog Rothman Tech-Tips was born.  Matt has done videos for the past four years, but when he first started the vlog, it was branded under a former employer — and you can find those videos on youtube.  Please do not try to contact Matt at the email address on the old videos. Today, you can reach Matt at: matt@rothmantechtips.com

Matt is a DC native, and proud alumnus of the University of Maryland.  Matt is a member of the Terrapin Club Alumni Group, and can be found at most home football and basketball games.  Growing up as a Redskins fan, he fondly remembers his childhood years, and what he describes as the “the glory days of Joe Gibbs.”

Matt has a variety of hobbies beyond technology.  He plays pickup basketball, and always knows the whereabouts of a game in the DC area.  He works out, too, which is nothing less than intense, extreme crossfit training sessions. During the winter, Matt always takes a yearly snowboarding trip out west to hit major mountains in places like CO, UT, WY, MT, and Lake Tahoe.  Did we mention the thrill of gaming?  Matt loves playing cards — specifically, poker! — and has actually participated in The World Series of Poker.

But there is also something startling about Matt, he doesn’t cook, which led to his #Idontcook segments on his vlogs. He knows the ins-and-outs, what’s hot and what’s not, of DC’s bustling food & beverage scene more than most “foodies”.  Growing up an only child and being raised by a single parent, his mom, Matt has been eating out longer than most. Though he does not consider himself a “foodie”, he always has an empty refrigerator.  As a result, Matt always has a bunch of top-notch suggestions throughout the DMV area, ranging from quick and healthy, cheap-eats to sought-after swank and posh restaurants appropriate for a client lunch or dinner.