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Original Tuesdays

May 12, 2012  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

On the latest segment of Rothman Tech-Tips (#RTT), I interviewed Ron Dobransky of the Original Tuesdays Networking Extravaganza. The Original Tuesdays are networking events that started in Rockville, MD, then spread to the #DMV, and now has grown to locations all over the US. Even a few in Canada and one in South Africa! When I asked Ron what technology he uses to promote Original Tuesdays, he mentioned the usual social media sites, LinkedIn and Facebook. But the one interesting technology he mentioned was MailChimp, which is an online platform used to send bulk email newsletters. They have email templates, campaigns, you can track your results, but the coolest techie feature is the MailChimp API.  This API allows you to integrate MailChimp with other applications like your CMS, your blog, your e-commerce shopping cart, and any other customizable software. So for anyone out there who may need to send out bulk emails or newsletters, MailChimp is a great resource, and it is obviously working for The Original Tuesdays.

For the #idontcook segment of this blog Ron recommended Clyde’s restaurant, which has a deep history here in the DC area with currently 13 different locations (not all of them are called Clydes, but are all part of the same restaurant group). Ron is a regular at the Tower Oaks Lodge, which is this humongous hunting lodge looking restaurant right in the middle of the Rockville, MD, suburbs. It is a place you have to see once, with two great bars and several dining areas. This is a great restaurant for any occasion. My favorite food at Lodge is the wings, but you can’t just order the wings, you have to order their wings double dipped!  Yes, that means they dip them in the frier twice. Not exactly a healthy choice — but hey, life is short, and a life without chicken wings is life I am not interested in living.